Dew Worms


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Dew Worms (Lumbricus terrestris), also known as Night Crawlers are red terrestrial worms that are larger than trout worms, which are another species of earthworms readily available throughout the hobby. Dew worms are healthy feeder insects that provide a nutrition that is rich in protein and moisture and low in fat. In addition, they can easily be supplemented with further nutritional values, such as vitamins and minerals. These beneficial attributes make dew worms an excellent food source for various pets, such as reptiles, amphibians, mammals, fish, and birds. The nutritious characteristics, easy maintenance and wide availability make them an ideal and staple food source throughout the hobby.

Our Canadian-raised dew worms are fed with fresh and healthy nourishments and kept in ideal living conditions to ensure that they arrive to your animal in good health! To maintain your dew worms and maximize their longevity, it is best to keep them refrigerated. By doing so, the dew worms will not only survive for much longer, but will also do so without requiring any further kind of maintenance, such as feeding.