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Family & Scientific Name:
Scincidae; Tribolonotus gracilis.

Identifying Features:
This skink has a bony casque on the back of the head, very rough dorsal scales and orange orbits.

Range & Origin:
New Guinea. this is not yet a commonly seen skink in the pet trade. Of those available, many are wild collected but a few are now captive- bred.

Adult Size:
Up to 6 1/2 Inches.

Life Span:
Likely with proper care the minimum lifespan of 10 years is achievable.

Terrarium Size:
This is a quiet, nocturnal skink. From one specimen to a trio can be kept in a 20 gallon, long terrarium.

Terrarium Type:
This is a cool forest and stream-edge species. The terrarium substrate should consist of several inches of slightly moistened soil, over which a layer of leaf litter is strewn. Hiding areas, and a receptacle of water in which this lizard may submerge should be provided.

Social Structure:
Usually communal, some large males may fight during breeding season and require isolation.

Earthworms are a favoured food. In addition to a variety of insects, some finely chopped fruit and the fruit-honey day gecko mixture will all be consumed.

Potential Problems:
Daytime temperature should not rise above the low 70s. Nigh time temperature should be a few degrees cooler. If they are kept cool and have fresh water available, few problems will be encounter.

References: Bartlett, R.D., and Patricia Bartlett. Lizard Care From A to Z. Terrarium and Cage Construction and care. Hauppage, NY: Barron’s Education

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