Translucent Veiled Chameleon 2020 CB


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Translucent veiled chameleons were originally found in the wild in yemen. With that being said a small group was collected only a 1.2. From there this small group took a journey to Europe where this bloodline was bred out. These veileds were first seen in 2006 at the National Breeders Expo in Daytona Florida. Being that these animals are new to America there has been alot of speculation on health and genetic defects. Yes translucent is a defect but so is any other morph. There has been zero negative affect on these animals UV absorbtion. There has been several recordings of keeping these animals under different UV spectrums with no noticed affects and have been in Europe for over 7 years with zero health problems.
When this morph first made it into the US they had a price tag of $3000 each. Since then the price has drastically been reduced depending on look. What I mean by look is by how much translucent the animal has on his body. This gene is a codominent gene meaning it will only take one animal carrying the translucent look to pass on to its offspring. High end animals will have white heads with a clear mouth and clear legs. Low end animals will be a turqouise color with white patches on there feet.


If you breed a low end translucent veiled to a normal none gene carrying veiled you will get a clutch of 50% normal babies and 50% low end trans babies.
Now if you breed a low end translucent veiled to another low end translucent veiled you will hatch out 50% low end translucents , 25 % normal babies, and 25% high end trans babies.
If you breed a High end translucent to a normal veiled you will get 100% low end animals .
Take a High end translucent to a low end translucent your offspring will be 50% High end  and 50% low end.
And finally breeding  2 High end Translucent animals together will get you a clutch of 100% percent high end trans babies.
We hope that this info will help you better understand how this gene came about and is passed on through generations of veiled keeping with zero health affects.