2oz Ammonium Chloride


DrTim's Aquatics Ammonium Chloride Aquarium Treatment for Fishless Cycling

Easily convert fish waste in your saltwater aquariums and tanks to a non-toxic form when combining this ammonium chloride solution with fast-acting One & Only Cleaning Solution from DrTim's Aquatics. Over time, harmful waste and bacteria can cloud the environment for your corals and fish. Typically, solutions can take up to 45 days to regulate the aquarium water. However, you don't have to wait with this powerful fish tank cleaning solution combination.

Powerfully eliminating new tank syndrome, this chloride-free ammonium chloride solution works to remove toxic nitrite and ammonia naturally and quickly. Perfect for when you are adding new fish or corals, setting up a new saltwater or freshwater aquarium, changing the filter or changing fish tank water, ammonium chloride solution and One & Only offer a powerful combination to provide your aquatic creatures with an all-natural and safe environment.

This solution is available in quantities of 2 and 4 & 8 ounce sizes