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Frozen Rat - Pinkie (4 Pack)

Frozen Pack

Feeder rats (Rattus norvegicus) are one of the most nutritious food sources available for a large array of different predatory animals, like snakes and other reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, and birds. Being that they are frozen/thawed, the rats are much safer for your pet in comparison to feeding live. Frozen/thawed rats have a greatly reduced chance of conveying diseases or parasites and are incapable of biting or harming your animal. Their nutritious characteristics, maintenance-free storage requirements and wide availability in various sizes and discounted quantities make them an ideal and staple food source throughout the hobby.

When deciding on the most suitable size of rats for your pet, it is generally recommended that the rats are similar in diameter to that of the widest section of your snake’s body, or for other animals, are similar in size to the width of your pet’s mouth. Some animals may have different requirements and might need larger-or-smaller-sized rodents than those recommended by the generalization. If still unsure on the best size for your pet’s needs, it is always best to begin with smaller sizes and see how they will react to them.

We offer five different sizes of frozen feeder rats:

*"Disclaimer: Please note that the feeder sizes given are approximate. Since we are dealing with animals, variations in size and weight are possible. While we strive to offer precise information, the inherent nature of animals means that exact sizes cannot always be Guaranteed, We appreciate your understanding.*

Pups (2.5-3.5") – 20-30 grams

Weanling (3.5-4.5”) – 30-45 grams

Small (4.5-6”) – 45-80 grams

Medium (6-8”) – 80-150 grams

Large (8-9”) – 150-270 grams

Before feeding your pet, place an appropriate number of rats for feeding in a ziplock bag and soak the bag in warm water until the rodents have thawed. Remember to feed only what is necessary for your animals and to remove any uneaten rats from their enclosures roughly 4-6 hours after introducing them. Please note that it is not recommended that thawed rats be refrozen as bacteria may have begun to grow.

Our Canadian-bred rats are kept in ideal conditions to ensure that they arrive to your animal in good health. As opposed to other available feeder option, feeder rats are most convenient and affordable for feeding large animals whom require sizeable diets!