Reptile Systems

Gold Infrared Unit 200W/400W


Unique Gold Infrared Lamp 75W

• Uses the latest heating technology for reptiles.

• Provides high levels of heat with low visible light.
• Rich in Infrared A and Infrared B.
• High energy efficiency compared to basking spots.
• Should be used with a dimming thermostat.
• High wattage model available for large enclosures.
• Infrared light contributes to heat regulation within the animal.
• Supports digestion, promotes well being and natural activity.
• Suitable to use the main heat source in your terrarium.

• Infrared reduces stress by not disrupting the day night cycle.

What is infrared?
The sun brings life to our planet on many different levels and interactions. As reptile keepers the three sectors we are interested in are ultraviolet, visible light and infra-red.
The Suns spectral wavelengths are measured in nanometres (nm) and are divided into groups depending on the wavelengths. Infrared starts on the edge of visible light spectrum, where the human eye only sees between 400 and 700nm, we move into infrared ranges which are the wavelengths that keep us warm. The near infrared (IR-a) boarders around 700nm up to 1400nm, with IR-b around 1400 – 3000nm. After this its known as IR-c.
What is a gold infrared lamp?
The gold infrared lamp is so named because of the gold metallic sheen the product has when cold and switched off. Infrared light is virtually invisible to the human eye, with the low end just giving that red glow that you get from hot embers.
A revolutionary feature of this product will be the wide range of outputs that will be available. The 75w, 100w, 200w and 400w are all compatible with the Gold Infrared Lamp Unit, making it the most compact and powerful unit in production.
How does it work?
This product provides a high level of heat and a low level of visible light. Infrared light is direct and not effected by air movement making it up to fifty percent more effective than other methods of heating. The heat is projected over a large area, which unlike that of spot lamp allows for a more natural basking experience. This large area is full of energy rich infrared which is reflected and absorbed by the surrounding surfaces much in the way the sun provides heat; you would feel a warm, pleasant sensation as the near infrared penetrated your skin and the heat that had been absorbed and stored by the sand under your feet which has been re-radiated by conduction. This radiator effect is IR-c as it will also heat the surrounding air, via convection, much in the same way a radiator will heat your home. This also explains the three ways heat is transferred: radiation, conduction and convection.
How do I use it?
The lamp is simple to use, much like any other type of heating product – think of it as a light bulb without the light! It should always be used with a dimming thermostat and the correct wattage for the size of enclosure and the amount of heat you wish to produce. It can also be used as the main source of heat for your enclosure.