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Pack Size

Regular mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) are the larval stage of mealworm beetles and are offered in much smaller sizes (approximately 0.5-0.75" in length) than giant mealworms and superworms, which are another species of mealworms readily available throughout the hobby. Mealworms are healthy feeder insects that provide a nutrition that is rich in protein and fat and can easily be supplemented with further nutritional values, such as vitamins and minerals. These beneficial characteristics make mealworms an ideal food source for smaller-sized pets, such as various species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, arachnids, and birds. Their nutritious characteristics, easy maintenance and wide availability at discounted quantities make them an ideal and staple food source throughout the hobby.

Please note that mealworms do not supply sufficient nutritious characteristics to be considered a healthy diet all on their own as they can become fattening for your animals and may provoke them to become less active than usual. Mealworms should be considered as being supplemental to your pets’ regular diet in order to properly offer them with enhancing dietary values.

Our Canadian-farmed mealworms are gut loaded with fresh and healthy nourishments and kept in ideal living conditions to ensure that they arrive to your animal in good health! To maintain your mealworms and maximize their longevity before undergoing transition to their beetle stage, it is best to keep them refrigerated, which causes them to go dormant. In addition, provide them with fresh food that will supply nutrition and moisture for the mealworms, such as potatoes and carrots. By doing so, the mealworms will not only survive and remain as their larval stage for much longer, but will also provide the best-possible nutritious values for your pets.