• Complete Aquarium Kit
  • Touch button customizable lighting system
  • Easy to maintain

The SR Aquaristik Deco-Tank 25 is a modern accent 6.6 gallon/25L aquarium that is a perfect addition to almost any setting. The unique two-sided design allows the aquarium to be viewed by both sides without obstruction. The SR Deco-Tank 25 is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, counter tops or on desks in both the home and office. Available in black or white.

Key Features include:

  • All glass aquarium
  • Four touch button brightness settings for the 6500K daylight LEDs
  • Two touch button brightness settings for the blue/actinic LEDs
  • Hinged-top canopy design
  • Integrated filtration system
  • Easily removable clear plastic splash shield

Easy to Maintain

The hinged lighting canopy can be quickly positioned out of the way to perform routine maintenance or add fish, decorations, plants or soft coral.

Built in Internal Filtration

The built in internal aquarium filter allows for inconspicuous in-tank filtering while providing water circulation and efficient mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration.

Filtration Media

The filter comes complete with a replaceable carbon cartridge that will remove discoloration and smells from the aquarium. The Bio foam cartridge will mechanically filter or capture debris and also act as an efficient biological filtration media.

Water Circulation

The built-in internal filter draws water from the lower levels of the Deco-Tank aquarium and cycles it back to the top of the aquarium, providing ideal circulation and constant water flow, providing efficient mechanical and biological filtration. The filter also comes with a spray bar and integrated venturi valve for adding additional oxygen to the water for larger fish loads or when keeping goldfish.

Customizable LED Lighting System

The SR Aquaristik Deco-Tank 25 aquarium includes 51 advanced 6500K to 10,000K dimmable LED lighting system that can be easily customized with a tap of a button depending on the inhabitants of the aquarium. The brightest white light setting is Ideal for life plants and can be mixed with blue LED lighting making it Ideal for keeping soft corals.

Splash Shield

The SR Aquaristik Deco-Tank 25 comes complete with a simple to remove splash shield that will prevent fish from jumping and cut down on evaporation reducing maintenance. The splash shield is made from an extremely clear plastic that will prevent breakage when removed.

Integrated Space for a Submersible Heater

The SR Aquaristik Deco-Tank 25 allows for the integrated placement for of a submersible aquarium heater, we recommend a 25W or 50 W submersible heater.

(Please note that a submersible heater is not included)

Product Specifications:


6.6G / 25L


45 - 6500 K white LEDs
6 – Blue/actinic LEDs
5 Watts

Filter Flow Rate:

52 GPH / 200 LPH


17"L x 10”W x 9"H
43.1cmL x 25.4cmW x 22.8cmH