SR Aquaristik GFO Phosphate Remover 2.2lb


Ideal for Saltwater Reef Aquariums
Contains 100% Granular Ferric Oxide
Helps Optimize Coral Growth
Removes Phosphates, Silicates and Dissolved Organics
Also Effective in Freshwater Aquariums

Phosphate Remover – Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO)

Recommended Dosage: Use 1 cup/250ml for up to 50 gallons/190 liters of aquarium water. Replace media every four weeks or if phosphate levels begin to elevate. SR Phosphate Remover will eliminate up to 20 ppm (ml/L) of phosphate per 50 gallons/190 liters of aquarium water.

Instructions For Use: Gently rinse SR Phosphate Remover with RO/DI or distilled water until all of the dust is removed and the rinse water becomes clear. Place the media in a very fine filter bag or in a suitable media reactor. Please media in a slow moving area of the sump; do not place in an area with high flow or where the media will be tumbled. Debris from the media released into the aquarium may stress coral.