SR Aquaristik Rimless Aquarium 30cm x 30cm x 10cm / 11.8" x 11.8" x 3.9" (2.3 gallons)

SR Aquaristik Rimless Aquariums
  • Low Iron Glass
  • Polished Edges
  • Black Silicone, for a Clean Modern Look
  • Leak Tested and Quality Control Checked
SR Aquaristik Pro Grade Low Iron Rimless Aquariums are made from the highest quality materials. All SRA Rimless Aquariums use a raw material formula that contains a much lower amount of iron. Low Iron Glass provides an incredibly transparent product with only a very slight blue tint; resulting in a beautiful crystal-clear aquarium.
SRA Rimless Aquariums are also made with a much thicker polished glass and black silicone imported from Germany. Using black silicone prevents staining and discoloration caused by medications and some water treatments.
Please make sure all aquariums are properly leveled and installed on a flat sturdy surface that can support the weight of the filled aquarium.