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Tortoise Food - 3 lb


The 3 pound container of Rep-Cal Tortoise Food is a scientifically formulated daily food source designed to ensure proper health and growth by providing complete and balanced nutrition. Recommended by veterinarians, these delicious pellets contain natural plant and fruit ingredients tortoises love, and provides 100% of the complete daily nutrition they require maintaining healthy, happy and active. Rep-Cal Tortoise Food is fortified with optimal levels of vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin D3 so no additional food supplements are required.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Feed every morning: Offer slightly more food than your tortoise can eat in a day, and allow your pet access to its food for the entire daylight period. Be sure to empty and clean the dish at the end of each day. Feed on a plate or other flat surface because tortoises have difficulty picking up food from deep bowls.
  • Your tortoise should have access at all times to a shallow bowl containing fresh, clean water.
  • Pellets can be moistened in water or fruit juice before feeding: some tortoises find that the softer soaked pellets are easier to pick up.
    Tortoise Size
    (Shell Length)
    Amount of Food per Day
    Under 2" 1/4 cup
    2" - 4" 1/2 cup
    4" - 8" 1 cup
    8" - 12" 1.5 cups
    12" - 16" 2 cups
    over 16" More than 2 cups (as needed)