Vivarium Electronics

Vivarium Electronics I160 Hatchling Tub


Port Credit Pets is proud to once again offer to the Canadian market an affordable clean and reliable racking system. It will be stocked on hand for quick deliveries.

Shipping is free in Ontario and the Montreal area. For quotes on shipping please contact us before ordering.

This tub is a replacement for the Interdesign™ model 49400 tub and features a handle for easy use in rack systems. This tub is ideal for hatchling/juvi geckos, Cornsnakes, Kingsnakes, Hognose, etc. The I160 can also be used for Ball Pythons and Boa Constrictor babies for short periods of time after birth.

While it is a replacement, the height of our I160 tub and the Interdesign™ tub is very slightly different. For most animals the difference is negligible and will not matter but we recommend if you are using this new tub in an existing rack built around the Interdesign™ 49400 you try one of the new I160 tubs in the rack first! If you purchased a Reptile Basics hatchling rack recently that came with the new I80 or I160 tubs then you will have no problem with this tub or the Reptile Basics I80 tub.

The I160 Tub fits in the space of two (2) I80 Tubs

Tub dimensions are approximately:

12.75" Long (without handle, 13.75" with handle) x 6 1/4" Wide x 1 15/16" Tall