ZILLA Fixture Halogen Fluorescent Combo

  • Unclutter your tank top with two fixtures in one
  • Halogen heat and fluorescent light in a single fixture
  • Aim halogen bulb to direct heat or light
  • Full-spectrum fluorescent bulb delivers healthy UV light
Unclutter your tank top with two fixtures in one. For maximum health, reptiles need both warmth and the heightened ultraviolet output of a reptile fluorescent bulb. R-Zilla makes it easy by combining both, then adding features like a moveable halogen bulb socket that allows the halogen's heat and light output to be aimed anywhere in the terrarium. Available in 5 sizes from 20 to 48 inches, these fixtures work with R-Zilla T5 bulbs that deliver the higher UVA and UVB Output needed for proper bone development (bulbs sold separately). T5 fluorescent and day heat bulbs are controlled by separate switches and 24-hour mechanical timer for easy day/night cycling. Note: Bulbs not included. Halogen and Fluorescent bulbs sold separately.